Top Clack

by Quakemz and Jae



Top Clack supports our partners and our partners support Top Clack. These partners are selectively chosen and are genuine people that we believe offer good products and services.

Input Club is one of our premiere sponsors. Without their help, we wouldn't be able to bring our t-shirts to fruition as quickly as they have been. Input Club works on designing keyboards like the Whitefox and the upcoming Kira. We are proud to have partners that so openly support open-source projects. 

They also have a great list of recommended soldering products for those wanting to learn how to solder and get started. In addition, they have a great resource which is a nice comparative guide to mechanical key switches which is a great resource for those new in the hobby.

They have a lot of great projects on the way, and you can find their products on their Kono Store.



NovelKeys is another one of our premiere sponsors as well as one of the best sources for mechanical keyboard switches and switchtesters. Stocking the widest selection of switches, Novelkeys works as the best one-stop shop for trying out or purchasing a plethora of switches including the exclusive Kailh switches like the box pale blues that Quakemz has in his Fjell.




ZealPC (<-affiliate link) is the vendor with perhaps one of the most recognizable switches ever. Zeal runs quick groupbuys with great shipping out of Canada to provide premium switches to the community. Check out the Zealios, Tealios, and Zilent switches at Zeal's shop. They're some of the best in the community with great stems and housings that Zeal has designed himself for a great typing experience. 

Zeal also features the Zeal60 PCB that features RGB SMD underglow as well as undergrow for stabilizers! He stocks Zeal Stabilizers which are some of the most premium stabilizers available.

KBDfans logo.PNG

KBDfans is Top Clack’s newest sponsor, and we believe them to be one of the best outlets on the market right now. With a large inventory of products and incredibly low prices, KBDfans is the go-to source for anyone looking to get into the world of Mechanical Keyboards on a budget, or just anyone looking to get the most out of their hard-earned money.