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Ivan & the Failed GBs

Originally Posted on March 15th 2016


Hello everyone, I hope you're doin' well.

Some time ago, I wrote an article Community History: Team Redline which documented perhaps one of the most well known failed GBs/scams in MK history (thousands of dollars). Today, there seems to be some hubbub about a few GBs on GH run by IvanIvanovich. Here's a quick summary of what I have so far.

On Tuesday July 14th 2015, Geekhack Moderator IvanIvanovich started a groupbuy for the RS84 v3 keyboard. It’s a wonderful 75% keyboard with a nice RGB underglow and an acrylic case. For the wonderful price of $140, you would receive an acrylic case, a PCB, and an RGB controller. For an additional $22 you could add a plate, and for another additional $22, you you can get feet on the bottom of your case. A total of $194 before shipping & PP fees. Not bad.

Orders closed on August 10th, and for about 2 months there was no updates.

A few users asked for updates citing the last time they were updated was 2 months, and at one point, the last time IvanIvanovich went online was 2 weeks.

A user went to his defense saying that Ivan only updates with hard updates (meaning there were no hard updates in the last 2 months since the GB), and that he is busy running multiple groupbuys. Another user cited that Ivan had broken his arm a little while ago (in respect to this GB) and all of his buys might be slightly delayed because of that. Many users stating that they believe Ivan is quite a trustworthy member.

As of October 17th 2015, Ivan had not been logged into his account for a month (since Sept. 14th). This concerns some as in this time, not only has there been no updates on this RS84v3 GB, but none on his other GBs as well. Some members have moved and haven’t received confirmation that Ivan has recorded their address change for shipping.

Another user depends Ivan by telling people to “just chill, because it is not uncommon to have no update for a month” Today with the advent of MassDrop, this is mostly unheard of in my opinion.

One user said that a week after the RS84v3 was supposedly closed, they noticed the GB form was still open. They submitted an order through that form and received an invoice after a couple of days. The form was closed a few days later when they went to check again. This user did say that Ivan addressed this though.

On October 21st, one user said that at any rate, Ivan is at least checking his email/paypal because this user was instantly refunded their purchase even though they only asked for an address change.

On November 13th, a user asks how long is an appropriate time to wait for this? It’s been a few months without updates or activity. 3 days later, another user posted that they were able to reach out to Ivan who said the order began production a couple of weeks ago and is still in production. He declined to state a timeline, but did mention that there were a few more months for production and transit time.

From December through February there were people both selling their spots in the GB, as well as asking for future updates. No updates or information came through.

Until yesterday (March 14th 2016).

GH User 悬壶济世 (designer of RS keyboards), said that he did not received Ivan’s production numbers or payment. He tried to contact Ivan but did not get a reply.

This isn’t the only run Ivan is running. In the GMK Miami night GB, GMK responded to a user inquiry about the project. GMK stated that they did not receive any payment from the organizer, so the project was cancelled. This information was just found out today.

Another GB that was mentioned was the PBT Dark Second Wave, which people have been waiting 1 year for. While there are some GBs that have gone on longer, they also are suffering from the lack of updates and communication.

There have been no ‘hard’ updates from Ivan. There have been no real updates of any kind. Both 悬壶济世 and GMK have not received payment or production numbers from Ivan when we claimed to users via email that they were in production. So what happened?

Will Ivan be the next DrugER? Is this the next ‘Team Redline’ style scam? I really hope not. The truth is, this will greatly hurt the community. Not financially, but in trust. I want to think that GH runs good groupbuys. I want to think they provide an alternative to Massdrop that actually sticks to the spirit of GBs and to save us money. It’s hard when these things happen, because it creates the fear that it could happen to me. It could happen to you, it could happen to any of us. That fear should always be there though. That’s the nature of group buys. You never know when ‘life’ can happen to a GB organizer and things more important get in their way. You never know if it was malicious or not. You will only know some sadness and anger in a failed groupbuy. One of the worse parts is that this was suppose to be a person we could trust. Ivan is a Moderator on GH and has run successful GBs before.

Please remember the obligatory group buy PSA

PS: If you have any additional information, please feel free to comment with sources to I can add it to this article for accuracy.



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