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Top Clack 1 Year in Review by Manofinterests

This is how we were in the beginning. 9/15/2016 with Jchan94

It’s been a year and change since Top Clack started, and we’ve learned quite a bit. It hasn’t been the smoothest or most successful road, but it’s a path that we’ve made and plan to continue. Looking back Brian and I can say that we're happy with how things have went, how things are going, and where we hope things will go.

A year ago Brian and Bektour let me know they were going to start a keyboard talk show and asked me if I was interested. At the time, they had no long-term plans, little ideas, and not even a name for the show. What they did have was drive and passion in this hobby. That alone made me realize these guys were the real deal, and I joined them.

Here I am a year later running Top Clack with Brian. It’s been quite a trip. In the last year, we’ve had a lot of guests. To be honest, when we first started off, I wasn’t sure if we’d be able to pull guests in as consistently as we are. For that I thank Brian and Bektour since they were the major players with guest acquisitions this first year.

For quite a while we were rockin' a overlay made by tinyteee! 2/2/17 with Binge

We had so many amazing guests; Jchan, Binge, Haata, and so many others. We’ve learned so much about people, the community, and keyboards this last year hosting Top Clack, and I can’t wait to learn more. In 1 year, what all has happened? We have had 53 Episodes. We've had roughly 7 artisan makers, 16 vendors, 8 keycap designers, and 13 unique community members on our show. We've covered hundreds of news topics ranging from artisans, to keyboards, to key sets. I hope Top Clack was able to be both educational and entertaining for our viewers.

We used to draw roughly 10-20 live viewers an episode. Nowadays we’re pushing 60-70+ per episode which is a massive jump for us. Our VOD numbers have grown steadily as well, from a few dozen to a few hundred. Recently(ish) we also got a PodBean account to host audio-only versions of all our episodes. 

At the early beginning, we were a disorganized mess. Closer to 3 baboons babbling than hosts actually hosting. Slowly but surely, we started organizing and finding more news, organizing our format, and becoming more confident of our growing abilities. We couldn't have been able to grow and prosper without the love and support of the community.

That’s poopy
— Bektour

Bektour will be leaving Top Clack. Brian and I will deeply miss Bektour and we greatly appreciate his contributions that have paved the foundations of Top Clack. If you're wondering, Bektour is now a Japanese Salaryman! He's at a very crucial point in his career and has opportunities to really exceed. Unfortunately that means not as much time and dedication to Top Clack as he once had. Hopefully we can have Bektour on the show again as a guest, or maybe even a host depending on where he is in life. Brian and I wish you the very best Bektour.

What did I learn this past year? I learned to think quicker and speak slower. OBS was a small hurdle at first, but we quickly overcame that (to a degree). We all learned to improvise and work with whatever we had. I learned that Linears can be okay. I learned that artisans are serious business that I don't really have much of a grasp on. How about Brian? He's learned things aren't always as smooth as planned. Brian's really explored his passion for educating and entertaining. We've both learned that this community can be as close as a family. So what's in store for Top Clack?  Brian and I plan on making Top Clack the best keyboard show and platform. It's an ambitious goal that we plan on dedicating what we can to achieve it. Check out Brian's Blog post. We have a lot in store for you all. Buckle in because it'll be one helluva ride.