Top Clack

A Keyboard Content Studio by Quakemz and Jae

Top Clack’s evolution, our community’s direction, and what the future holds for us all - by Quakemz

As you may have heard from recent episodes of Top Clack, we’re aiming to become a full-time content creation studio, focusing on keyboards, naturally. It’s safe to say that, if you’re reading this, it’s likely that you have a passion for keyboards. We want to cultivate that passion, show our own resolve, and usher in new generations of keyboard enthusiasts in a positive, helpful, and respectful manner. Suffice to say, we have a passion for keyboards, too. Our lives revolve heavily around keyboards, and they have transcended being “just a hobby” for us, and perhaps have for you, as well.

Top Clack has seen overwhelming support throughout its life, as we approach our 3-year anniversary, and a lot of it coming from people like you. We are eternally grateful to all of you that watch us, support us, and share your passion with us through various ways. Without you, Top Clack would not exist. Being someone that watches a lot of content creators, all of these words sound cliche and silly, trust me, I get that. It wasn’t until I was in this position, did I finally realize that even being cliche, it can be so true and meaningful.

With that said, Top Clack is about to enter its next stage of life. We like to be transparent with you all, because hiding things isn’t fun and, including you is. Like I had mentioned previously, we aim to be a full-time content creation studio, eventually hiring staff beyond just myself and my lovely British co-host, Jae. I won’t lie, this is an ambitious goal. In fact, I think it’s quite safe to say that, as of right now, no keyboard content creator has made this a profession. This is absolutely uncharted territory, and that’s part of what makes it so exciting.

Whether we want to believe it or not, our hobby is very young and niche, and keyboard media content is even newer. Over the last few years, quite a few have formed and taken shape, Top Clack being one of them. Of course, we were not the first keyboard media studio, but I would say that we were definitely the first people to do what we do, which is a bit removed from the typical review and/or build approach. We knew we wanted to present information and help people as best we could and, for better or worse, our current structure is what we’ve settled on. Thankfully, this has gone over quite well and we get constant positive feedback and support. With that said, We’ve grown a little...predictable. I’ll say it, I’m not 100% happy with where Top clack is right now. I think we have done a good job in a lot of ways, and still do, and we have definite potential, but it’s far from perfect. Due to this, Top Clack has decided to evolve in a way that better serves the community.

The evolution will be a multi-step process on our way to becoming a full-time entity. Our first step is to bring the studio into a more modern age. For us, this means a visual and structural overhaul, starting with things like our logo, overlays, and other branding. We like what we have now, but as time has gone on, it has become a little more dated and cumbersome. Our goal is to update to a look that is more modern and more professional, without losing our charm.

Next up is our content, as a whole. We want to continue our flagship news and Q&A series, while branching out, and also polishing up what we currently do. If you’ve been a long time follower of Top Clack, you may know that one thing that was quite unique throughout the years were interviews with various keyboard personalities. You may also have noticed we haven’t had many guests on lately to interview. This is for a reason, actually. In the interest of time and structure, we’ve decided to split our main show and interview segments into separate streams. The reasoning for this is simple: first, we want to make our interviews more professional, and a much deeper dive. I’ll admit it, some of our past interviews have been a little half-assed and haphazard. This is because we sort of just “wing it”, and hope we do a good enough job. We now realize this is, at times, disrespectful to our guests, as well as our viewers.

With that, I’d like to introduce our plan to remedy that. Starting very soon, we will be launching a new weekly stream that will focus solely on interviews, in a more professional setting. The pending title for this series is Top Clack’s Behind the Keyboard. Furthermore, this won’t just be a typical Top Clack Interview, like we have done in the past. It will be much more structured, focused, and will take a deeper dive into the guest’s lives, opinions, and projects. We will have more details about the series in the coming weeks. I hope you’re all as excited as we are for this!

Besides our visual overhaul and more structured content, we also aim to put to more content, in general. We have multiple fun and education series in the works, and one that we have already started on, in secret. We will be launching that soon, as well! Top Clack has always desired to be the premiere platform where people of all experience-levels come to learn and help each other, and that will be more apparent, moving forward.

Next up, I want to talk about our upcoming 24-hour livestream event. We have been teasing this for several weeks now, and I assure you it’s coming. This won’t just be a 24-hour episode of Top Clack or a buildstream. This will be a full-blown community event, unlike anything the community has ever seen before. It truly will be the first of its kind, and we’re very much looking forward to it. You can expect many segments, ranging from a build race to a keyboard trivia game-show, and lots more to be announced! With this event, we want to send a message: our community may be niche, but we are strong, we are positive, and we can grow even better together. Because of this message, we will be bringing together many of the keyboard community's favorite personalities on this livestream, across multiple segments in the event, from designers to other content creators; there truly is a place for everyone here, and we want to prove that.

Which leads me into the last topic I want to touch on, competition. As a lot of you have undoubtedly seen, keyboard content creators have been abundant lately. Over the last few months, many content creators have appeared on the scene, to offer their take on keyboard content, from build streams to news and discussion podcasts. I’ve gotten multiple direct messages and questions lately pertaining to how Top Clack feels about the recent surge in content creators in our community, and I’d like to share my feelings on it here, right now: It’s a miracle. It really is. It’s nothing short of amazing and I’ve never been more proud to be a part of this community.

Obviously, more content creators means more competition for Top Clack, right? Well sure, but this is certainly not a bad thing for any of us. While there is certainly a healthy dose of competition among content creators, the level of respect we all show each other is honestly immeasurable. A lot of us subscribe to and support each other in various ways, because we all have come to a fantastic realization: this platform is absolutely large enough for all of us, and by supporting each other, we can grow our community even faster and stronger. Even our community’s most popular Twitch Streamer, rising star and production-quality savant, TaehaTypes, supports and tunes in to Top Clack on a regular basis. I frequent not only his stream, but many smaller keyboard streamers as well, and often catch other popular streamers, such as TaehaTypes, hanging out in their Twitch stream chats, which always brings warmth to my heart, seeing that we all support each other to such a degree. I think few, if any hobbies of our size have enthusiasts that show this level of support and positivity to their peers and competitors. I hope to one day see our niche hobby large enough to where a member of our community can hop on at any time and check out a fun keyboard stream, regardless of it being Top Clack or another amazing creator. We’re moving toward a bright future for keyboard enthusiasts, and it really does get better by the day.