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10/20/17 News


Keycaps News


GB: GMK Necro


GMK Forge GB running on Donutcables soon


GB: Maxkeys SA Night King


GMK Demonic on Originative Co.


DSA Legacy


IC: DSA Cassette


Keyboard News


Alu AEK64 case was on sale at Clueboard sold quickly, shipped quickly, and disappointed quickly


IC: FoldKB


IC: Brass/wood MX HHKB


Retro60 coming 10/31/17


Iris Keyboard preorder


IC: EnjoyPBT Extended Compatibility Keycap Set


Planck concept from the designer of UK-78


GB: Ace XT-40



Novelkeys hittin’ it hard with Kailh Heavy switches, Box Navies, and low profile keycaps


Awesome keyboard science, someone with their own force gauge


IC: Custom Dye Sub Services


Charity Raffle to benefit Puerto Rico and Mexico Disaster Relief


Sentraq Update


Topre Patches!




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