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1/18/18 News

Keycaps News

Edrugs mix set blanks:

PBT Doubleshot Keycaps Cherry Profile from KBDfans (Miami colorway)

IC: DS AEK-style keycaps

VIM and Colvrak extention kits for SA Oblivion


Keyboard News

Ducky Blade Air

Prototype 40% Buckling Spring PCB

IC: OT-80


IC: X60 R

New Vortex Race

GB: Evil80

GB: KBDfans 8x


Preonic HiPro wood bottoms for sale

GB: CA66 Launches!

Norbaforce temporarily reopened!

Other news

Cherry Low Profile Switch

Official Specs

Input Club GMK Camping Giveaway


LK Optical Switch:

New BKE Redux domes, very limited


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