Top Clack

by Quakemz

Who is Top Clack?

Top Clack was founded by Manofinterests, Quakemz, and Apolotary in August 2016.

Our continuing mission: to explore the best switches, to seek out new keysets and new unique keyboards, to boldly type where no one has typed before. Top Clack is a weekly keyboard show that covers popular keyboard topics, news, and personalities. 

 Huey at SoCal Fall 2016 Meetup

Huey at SoCal Fall 2016 Meetup

Name: Huey

Reddit/GH/Keebtalk Username: Manofinterests

Pancakes or Waffles: Pancakes

Favorite Switches: Tactile: Topre, Holy Pandas, Halo Clears, Ergo Clears, Lubed & Housing Swapped Mod-Ms. Clicky: Capacitive Buckling Springs, Beamspring, Box Jade Switches. Linears: Lubed Revo Whites, Lubed Retooled Blacks, Pandas, Tealios.

Current boards owned: Norbaforce, GON mx-mini, X60, Duck Viper, Fjell, HHKB, Norbatouch,  Siig Minitouch, Northgate Omnikey, Northgate Evolution, SS AEK64, TX60, Chiwi60, GON Acrylic60, CA66, Meme, DSI Modular, Revo One, COD67, Mira SE, Planck, TGR PC910, TGR Alice, Duck Unicorn (acrylic), IBM 5251, E6-V2 R1, E6-V2 R2 FE, Clueboard, K-Type, M6-A

Likes: That kind of Asian, 2d waifus, motorcycles, & high fives

Dislikes: Low-pros, low-flows, down-lows & too slows

Blurb: Hello friends, I’m Huey aka Manofinterests! I’ve been obsessed with mechanical keyboards for 4+ years now. Originally I started as a simple lurker, but this community is great and now I'm quite involved. I was drawn to keyboards when I first found about them randomly online. I forgot which random video I found online, but it had someone typing with mx blues. From there the research began and has never stopped. The constant pursuit of keyboards, keycaps, and keyswitches is a bit silly to be honest, but it’s a silly passion that I have and will explore to my maximum potential. I love keyboards, and that’s why I try to stay active with reviews, feedback, help, and of course Top Clack. I’ve been through a good amount of keyboards with all kinds of switches, but the hunger never ends.

I have a dog, Giorgio, who I love very much. I am quite the weeb (you may have noticed if you’ve seen my reviews) and also enjoy riding my motorcycle around my area. If you’re wondering what kind of anime/manga I like, it’s most all genres except for sports anime (although I love me some GuP). I also sell cheap weeb/keeb stickers to the community. I also enjoy reading, playing D&D, and eating food when I get bored or discover a fun new place. I enjoy teaching and helping people where I can; both in real life and online I strive for excellence.

Other Projects: NorCal & SoCal Meetups

Keyboard Gallery (To be updated soon)

 Brian at Seattle Meetup Summer 2017

Brian at Seattle Meetup Summer 2017

Name: Brian

Reddit/GH Username: Quakemz

Pancakes or Waffles: Pancakes

Favorite Switches: (no particular order) Kailh Box, Topre, SKCM Brown, Capacitive Buckling spring, Tealios, Holy Pandas, Vintage Blacks that don't suck

Current boards owned:  The Meme, X60, TX60, HHKB, E6-V2, Tokyo60, Klippe, Tofu, COD67, Time TKL, Whitefox (wood case), Special Blue M6-A

Currently waiting on: M60-A, QXP, Southpaw FS

Likes: Gasket-mounted plates, the press of a properly tuned linear switch, a glass of fine whiskey on a cold night, the elegant touch of a 2D waifu.

Dislikes: Light beers, people that think all rubber domes are created equally, and the keyboard percentage system.

Blurb: Heyo boys and girls, I’m Brian aka Quakemz! As an ex-PC enthusiast, coming to the keyboard community was an easy transition for me. After my first mechanical keyboard, a Cooler Master Quickfire Rapid with MX Blacks, I was hooked, and knew I had to try out other keyboards. Eventually, I did that, and it’s been a rollercoaster ever since.

Raised in the Pacific Northwest in the fantastic state of Washington, I’m an avid whiskey and craft beer drinker. The west coast is home to some of the best breweries in the US, and I make sure to take advantage of that.

When I’m not clacking away on my favorite boards and/or enjoying a fine adult beverage, you can find me watching anime, playing some video games, or just talking to the fine people of this community. I feel myself taking on the role of an educator in this community, and I love it. Helping out the newer, less experienced members of the community is a big deal to me, as I believe it’s good to usher in the new generations in a kind and informative fashion.

Other Projects: Keyboard commission builds

Keyboard Gallery